What. The fuck.

Background information:
I am without a roommate. I have been so basically since last Spring semester ended- i.e. for two semesters. This is the way I like it, but I'm not about to pay out the ass to keep it that way. That being the case, I'm in danger of receiving a new roommate this upcoming semester.

From a letter dated 12/8:

Roommate Assignment for Spring Semester
...As soon as another person is assigned to your room, information about your roommate will be emailed to you...

Some random guy just showed up at my room about an hour ago to inform me that "his friend" (no name given- nice!) will be moving into my room on Thursday.

I have not received an email from ResLife. This is the first time I've heard anything about it. Thursday is the day after tomorrow, meaning that I have, in essence, tomorrow in which to change my room from a total shithole in which I'm using 90% of the available space into a decent living area that I'm using half or less of.

What if I'd gone the fuck home, as I could have done as early as last night? I mean, I'm going to be back well before winter break is over. I figured I'd clean my room between New Year's and the start of next semester. At that point, I quote (emphasis theirs): "A General Maintenance Worker and a Complex staff member will enter your room... They will move items to one side of the room if a desk, bed and closet are not already cleared. If this action is necessary, a minimum charge of $31 per hour will be added to your student account." A minimum charge. They could charge me a minimum of $31 per hour as a result of their not informing me that I'm going to have a roommate as of the Thursday before winter break even begins.

This isn't even my main concern. I don't know this guy. Judging from his friend, he's probably a real fucktard, and I'm uneasy about that to begin with. But this probable jackass is going to be in my room with my stuff without me there for two goddamn weeks. I don't know or trust him. Why in the fuck is this legitimate? And consider too that there's like a 95% chance that I'd be gone all of break, as most students are.

Thank you, ResLife! I could have come back to a newly-cleaned room with an extra person in it, $30 or more dollars of fines, and the suspicion that my things had been fucked with. How comfortable you make me feel in my adopted home!

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Ask a stupid question....

...And today's stupid answer (to yesterday's stupid question):
You end up getting your ass fired the very next day.

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And that's it. I'm gone. Why am I gone? For telling her to give me a break, and refusing to let her interrupt me. What's really funny is that she was right in telling me I was a good worker- she and others have complimented my efforts several times, and there are very few people there who work harder or better than I did, even despite my newness to the job. Really, it's herself she's hurting.
The other funny thing being, of course, that she seemed pretty ticked off about the whole thing. I'm not. So she's angry and I'm fine with it. Ruined her evening and not mine. Heh... suits me just fine.

I should probably find an alternative second job, but that would've happened anyway.
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What do you do when your boss is a dirty fucking liar?

I've been sick the last couple of days. Yesterday I went down to tell my manager that I wouldn't be able to work about three and a half hours before my shift was scheduled to start, and got nothing but crankiness. Today I went down about an hour beforehand, because I'd been thinking all day that I might've felt good enough to work... So my manager bitched me out, telling me that I needed to let them know at least four hours in advance. Not only have I never heard this from anyone (yeah, communication between managers and employees is really for shit), but the employee handbook I received when I was hired states explicitly that it's one hour's notice that I need to give.
Upon pointing this out to her, she informed me that because I'm a student worker, the handbook doesn't apply to me...

The very first words on the cover of the handbook:
"Student food service".
From page 6, "about this handbook":
"This student handbook..."

Granted, the handbook also reserves for Chartwells the right to change any of the policies therein, with or without telling students about them. But here are my problems:
1. My manager has now on two occasions taken the opportunity to take the stress of her day out on me, failing completely to show me any degree of respect.
2. My manager has been upset with me for failure to comply with policies of which neither she nor anyone else has informed me.
3. My manager has blatantly and explicitly lied to me, stating that the handbook's policies don't apply to me.

I'm seriously thinking about turning in my shirt and hat and telling her where she can shove them.

Suicide by overwork

My schedule this semester, per week:
18 hours of classes
5 hours of homework (estimated)
10 hours of work at Perkins (estimated)
2 hours of biking to and from Perkins
15 hours of work at the dorm cafeteria (estimated)

All I can think is how nice it will be to have several hundred dollars' income each month.
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Oh, for the love of god.

I'm back at school- have been for a week or so. I apologize to everyone I didn't get to see... Between cleaning my room and just some shit that's been going on in my life, I didn't really get a chance. And as much as I really, really want to come up for the Fair, I don't think that's going to happen, either....

I've been so damn spoiled over the summer. Sure, I haven't had much to eat. Sure, I've been lonely. Sure, I've been either working or being at class every day, which wears me out; sure, I've had nothing to do in the dorms so I've been tired all the time. But it's been so damn peaceful. On any given floor of the single four-floor-tall hall used for summer housing, there were maybe ten people in total. It's been quiet. I haven't had to deal with people. Campus has been mostly empty. I didn't realize how nice that was.

Today was move-in day for the freshmen- the day when, inevitably, this niceness had to be shattered. The campus is thick with morons, their moron parents, and their moron younger siblings. They're EVERYWHERE. And I'll admit a certain elitist annoyance: these people have no idea what's going on, and many of them are just visiting the place, and it's irritating having all these damn tourists swarming all over what is, ultimately, my home. (I mean, I've lived in this building for the last year straight, and eight months out of twelve the year before. This place is my house- an excuse I'll use when I feel like wandering down to the mini-restaurant/convenience store in the complex in my pajamas.)

What's worse is that interest in the quiet study floor was very low this year, apparently. Not a problem, right? Except that if the floor doesn't fill up, they fill it up- with stupid jackass irritating loud obnoxious drunkards, who don't want to be here to begin with. Many of them will probably be moving out, but for now my dorm experience is basically the same as it was two years ago.

In other news, Mountain Dew Pitch Black II has an aftertaste that reminds me astonishingly of cat urine. Seriously, I'm not making this up.
Edit: Which is to say that the taste of the one is shockingly like the smell of the other. I haven't tasted cat urine.
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